P.T.C Sites; Overview


P.T.C Sites; Overview

There is a plethora of pay to click sites to be found on the Internet. New sites of this nature seem to be springing up everyday!! Such sites have a dual function; on the one hand, they provide a cheap advertising forum, a means of getting your site noticed and viewed for very low cost. On the other hand, they offer an incentive to visitors who join the free membership and take the time to view the links and/or banners that are being promoted.

But are they really effective? Can the faithful clicker of the links and/or banners really make good money (as the sites often claim) and is the advertising really effective?

From the Advertising Perspective

As a webmaster, I know that I need to dole out money for advertising at some point. Free traffic exchanges and autosurf sites cannot fulfil that role alone. So, being a member of various P.T.C sites, I have tried and tested their advertising offers. Without doubt, the advertising costs are very very low. As an example, I purchased 200,000 banner impressions as a member of DoubleJLinks for only $1.25 - that's approx. 75 pence UK sterling!!!!! Additionally, as a Founder member of Banners2Cash for $3 a month I have a link posted on the side bar thus receiving unlimited hits to my site. Also, I have purchased banner impressions from this site on a few occasions as the cost is very low and the effectiveness of the advertising is high; I received 6 new members to my newsletter subscription as a result of my last Banners2Cash advertising campaign, and 2 article submissions from my visitors!

Net Cash Savvy Newsletter http://www.netcashsavvy.com/FreeNewsletter.html

Net Cash Savvy Free Articles/Visitor Submission http://www.netcashsavvy.com/FreeArticles.html

An added advantage of advertising with Banners2Cash is that, as a Founding member, I get 10% back from my advertising costs! It would appear that other P.T.C sites are going the same way in an attempt to reward their advertisers.

From the 'Clicker's' Perspective

You can make incredibly easy money from pay to click sites. Lets face it, spending a few minutes/hour clicking other people's sites isn't strenuous, (albeit tedious when you are not in the mood!) But if you think you gonna get rich fast from this source, well you in for a major disappointment, never mind getting rich! These sites are definitely NOT a big income opportunity. The amount that the various sites pay per link or banner is, lets face it, pittance! Lets face it, $0.025 isn't really going to fill the coffers now is it? And now I hear all you clickers saying 'So why bother?' Well because over time, the cumulative value builds up and you can make some really decent pocket money from these sites, especially if you devote at least 15 mins to half hour a day clicking the links. The money earned proves most helpful in covering miscellaneous costs, especially advertising expenses! :-)

And it's not all about money; you never know what gems you will find on the links you click. The sites that are advertised are ones that may be similar to your own (if you have one) and you never know what you may find. I am a member of a number of such sites and the links that I have come across to other sites have been invaluable.

In addition, some sites offer 'extra's' for being active clickers. For example, DoubleJLinks gives what it calls 'tickets' for every 3 links you click. Every week, it awards a $1 bonus to the member with the most tickets. Therefore it stands to reason that the more links you click, the greater your chances of getting that bonus!

Another example of an 'extra' is provided by Makolinks. Upon joining this site, you get two links - your standard referral link and also a Mako Cash Flow link. For every time this second link/page is displayed, you earn money. Currently, the return on investment (ROI) is $1.50 CPM! This I have to say, has unlimited earning potential. And it is worth pointing out that Makolinks AND DoubleJLinks has an absolute LOAD of links on their sites - you will never be able to get through them all in one clicking session, and I say 'WELL DONE' to anyone who tries!

Conclusion; Do they serve a valuable purpose?

Yes, they do. As long as it is understood from the earning point of view that you won't make your wealth from them, they do provide a valuable service. They provide exposure for sites and reward those for viewing them. The advertising that they provide, whether by links or banners is both cheap and effective, some more so than others.

My advice if you are going to sign up to these sites is that you devote a couple of days a week (if you cannot devote more), spending 15 mins to half hour clicking the links. And if you have a site of your own, then view unto others as you would have them view unto you, which is to say, take a look at the site you are clicking on. Not all of them will be relevant or interesting to you, but you never know when you might find a little gem that may make your online experience easier or more enjoyable.
From experience, the following are the best P.T.C sites I have come across to date. Take a look, join if you wish, and decide for yourself.

Banners2Cash http://www.Banners2Cash.com/?ref=NINE

DoubleJLinks http://www.DoubleJLinks.com/index.php?ref=tcasher

Makolinks http://www.Makolinks.com/index.php?ref=tcasher

MakoCashFlow www.makocashflow.com/index.php?view=f&mcfref=tcasher

LateNightClicks http://www.LateNightClicks.com//join.php?ref61

Link Burst http://LinkBurst.com/join.php?2668

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